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Installation of our bench on Siston Common

A Benchmark to the future

On 1st October 2018  Kingswood Ramblers installed a bench that has been funded by Avon Area and donated to Siston Parish Council.
It has been installed at Warmley Forest on the Community Forest Path.
Siston Parish Council who are involved in Friends of Siston Common came along & helped our team to install it.

Thank you as always to the group who help with all the wonderful work that is being done to improve our local footpaths.

Bench on Siston Common 1    Bench on Siston Common



Footpath Clearance Updates

During 2015 a group of our ramblers worked with South Gloucestershire Council to replace stiles with kissing gates to make our footpaths more user friendly.

Our footpath clearance team have also cleared several badly overgrown footpaths in the local area during 2015 to make them more accessible.
Work has already begun on footpath clearance in 2016. See contact details on the Home page.

Footpath cleared at Beach 18/2/17


          Before                                                                                                                                      After


      Some extra helpers                          


A path at Shortwood Gold Course was cleared on 3rd December 2016:

1 Shortwood1           1 Shortwood2

1 Shortwood3           1 Shortwood4

On 8th October a team cleared a footpath at Webbs Heath which was very overgrown. They also managed to reinstate the footpath by putting back the barbed wire which had been knocked down by walkers - not Ramblers!

WebbsHeath1            WebbsHeath2

Path before clearance

WebbsHeath3              WebbsHeath4

 Path after clearance


On 30th July 2016 a team cleared 2 very overgrown paths and fallen tree at Shortwood Golf Course:

Shortwoodlower pathbeforeclearance     Shortwoodgolfcoursefallentree

path before clearance                                               fallen tree

Rogerclearingpath    Timclearingfallentree

Roger                                                                      and Tim hard at work

Juliaclearingfallentree   Timhardatwork

Julia                                                                       and Tim

Shortwoodpathafterclearance  after clearance

                                                                    the cleared path

On 19th March 2016 a group of Kingswood volunteers cleared a path at Shortwood Golf Course removing large amounts of dogwood to reinstate the correct route and keep walkers off the golf course. A great deal of rubbish was also removed. The second path cleared was at Siston where the path was totally blocked. Now walkers are able to walk from Siston to join the Dramway on the opposite side of a roundabout.


Siston190316a  Siston190316b Siston190316c


In January 2016 a badly overgrown path that links the Community Forest Path with footpaths leading to Pucklechurch was cleared. Well done to all the team. See photos below:

Shortwoodpathbeforeclearance230116                             Shortwoodpathafterclearance230116

 path before clearance                                                                               path after clearance


Monday, December 10, 2018